Luis Del Giudice
  • React.js
  • Django
  • Celery
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Firebase
  • Electron
  • Python
  • React Native
  • Javascript
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • React
  • Node.js
  • Remote working
Work history
Senior software engineer, 5/2018 to Current
  • Re-designed and re-developed company's main consumer product "Knackup" from the ground up. It was spread across 4 different apps, 3 of which were unity games and one react native application. Now a single app with much better UX and happier users.
  • Lead development within the company in terms of iterative, data-and-feedback driven product sprints
Founder, 6/2017 to 5/2018
MiResidencial, Inc
  • Designed and developed company's main product, a cross-platform mobile application with React Native to help condominium managers with their administrative tasks.
  • Succesfully launched the app getting over 300 condominiums in the first week
  • Built a team of 2 engineers and one designer to continue iterating on the app driven by data and feedback helping the company grow to thousands of condominiums
  • Negotiated a succesfull acquisition with cohouse
Senior full-stack javascript engineer, 10/2017 to 5/2018
Mokriya, Inc
  • Joined Mokriya to help built Verizon's Digital Signange Management System collaborating with a team of 20+ members on a single project
  • Lead architecture, design and development efforts for separating "widgets" part of the system into standalone backend + front-end service
Software Engineer II, 4/2016 to 10/2017
ezhome, Inc
  • Built and maintained the infrastructure on top of AWS to support the high availability and scalability of the company's main system.
  • Collaborated with team to build and improve the online store customers used to purchase, schedule, and communicate regarding home services.
  • Developed a complete worker acquisition flow into the system with different apps. Including a website for workers to find out about the company, apply, and schedule their field trial; an application for recruiters to efficiently review many applicants at scale; and a back-end that integrated with dozens of third-party apps that supported this process.
  • Iterated with growth team on many experiments to drive acquisition and improve customer retention.
  • Automated the work an entire team was doing—saving the company hundreds of man hours of work a week.
MiResidencial is an Android and iOS app built with React Native to organize and automate the many tasks that property managers have to deal with. It was acquired by cohouse in May, 2018
Technologies: Django, Python, React Native, Javascript, Google Cloud Platform, Celery, React, Node.js
Jaime is a cross-platform desktop app that helps teams make data-driven decisions by turning SQL queries into fully featured analytical reports.
Technologies: React.js, Electron, Firebase
Risus is a web platform built with Django and React that helps orthodontist patients get proposals without ever going to a doctor's office by taking photos of their teeth and securely sending online.
Technologies: Django, Celery, Amazon Web Services (AWS), React.js
B.E. Software Engineering - Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo
Open Source
The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.
Technologies: Django, Python